A Retired Professional Engineer or Retired Professional Land Surveyor Title is just that, a title.

You no longer have a license and you cannot practice engineering or surveying.

Once the title has been requested and granted, if you wanted to practice in the future you would be required to file a full application (experience verifications, references, transcript, etc.) and if you are not licensed in another state you would be required to retake the exams.

Be sure before requesting the title this is what you want to do.  There will be 3 confirmations before the request is submitted.  At any time before the 3rd confirmation, you can cancel the request.  Once it’s been submitted, you are automatically granted the title and it cannot be undone without requiring a full application to become licensed again.

You will need to log into your BELS account and select the Renewal or Reinstatement Application.  The request is a part of the renewal/reinstatement application process.  There is no fee for the request.

Below is a How To link with step by step instructions on how to request the Retired Title.

How To Request a Retired Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor Title

Link to the login page for your BELS account