Here in the office Griffin Pritchard and investigator Bruce Thornell typically have what is called Lessons Learned Friday where they will look over a part of the code and try to understand it better. In terms of our social media, we are looking to expand that to see the different Lessons Learned throughout history.

Today's offering is YouTube video focusing on one of the greatest feats of construction and design history: The Panama Canal. Please, enjoy.

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Following up with the theme of #communitynews we asked members of or surveying community what their favorite piece of land surveying equipment was and why?

From Tepper Middleton (Schoel): My favorite surveying equipment is an auto level. The ability to transfer elevations and at the same time to check your work all while in the field is absolutely critical to the efficiency of surveying. Though an auto level was not the first piece of equipment I was taught to use in surveying, it was the first piece of equipment with which I felt truly competent. More specifically, I prefer using a Heerbrugg Wild Na2. Even though it is now no longer in production, this instrument has been praised by both new and long experienced surveyors. Unlike the levels on the market today, the Na2 was made from durable materials and has stood up to the tests of time. Another important feature of the Na2, that is lacking on almost all of today’s current models, was the small button on the side of the level that allowed the user to check that the prism inside the instrument was free floating and not in a bind. While more modern levels are less likely to have the prism bind in the instrument, being able to check that this prism is free floating before beginning your level loop helps to bring peace of mind and allows your day to run that much more smoothly.

Please send Griffin Pritchard (griffin.pritchard@bels.alabama.gov) photos of you or your staff depicting what you do on the job or celebrating a work-related accomplishment or award.
Photos will be compiled and used in social media posts, upcoming issues of THE STANDARD and at the end of the year in the annual report. Also, to help keep content fresh in each issue, please submit suggestions that can be crafted into articles.
If there is a trend within the field of engineering or land surveying that you think should be explored, please let us know. Also, follow us on Twitter (@bels382) as, from time to time, we will pose questions on different social media platforms where your feedback will possibly be used in upcoming editions.
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Is your company culture open to innovation? Additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing can point you in the right direction. Learn more about adding AM/3D printing capabilities in the ASME Design for Additive Manufacturing Summit video series:

In light of SWE’s efforts working to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion within its own organization, various members of the SWE community have developed a working reading list. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/38EdAlI #DiversityandInclusion #MemberNews #WomeninEngineering