What is My BELS Account? It is an account that you've created as a new applicant to start the application process, is an existing account due to being currently licensed or previously licensed in Alabama or created by a non-licensed person or firm to file a complaint.

If you have never been licensed as a PE or PLS or certified as an Engineer or Land Surveyor Intern or had your firm certificated in Alabama, you will need to create a new account.

Everyone who was licensed prior to September 1, 2021 or an applicant prior to September 1, 2021 already has an account. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  You would just log in with your email address or license number(PEXXXXX, PLSXXXXXX, ECAXXXX or LSCAXXXX) and password.

How To's are available on how to get around in your BELS account, make changes, see your carry forward hours and print your pocket card.