If the license search revealed there was disciplinary action taken and you do not see the link below, the disciplinary action may be prior to 2003 and you would need to contact Bob Herbert to obtain the information.

Accel Fire Protection
Alabama Alarm
Alabama Roof Engineers
Allen Engineering and Science Inc
Alpha Canopy Company
Alyami, Hamdan, Exam Applicant
Arjo Engineers Inc
Arp, Randy R., PE 24566
Baheth, M. A., Unlicensed
Bailey, Bobby G., PLS 12502
Bell, Robin D., PE 32141
Bibb Engineers, Architects & Constructors
Biddy, Ted L., Unlicensed
Bobo, Austin J., EI 17190
Boling, Robert G., PE 24560
Borden, Richard C., PE/PLS 13402 - September 1998
Borden, Richard C., PE/PLS 13402 - September 2003
Borden, Richard C., PE/PLS 13402 - October 2008
Borden, Richard C., PE/PLS 13402 - March 2016
Brett, William C., PE 11297
Britt, Thomas M., PLS 29397
Brown Machine and Fabrication Inc
Brown, Roy L., Jr., PE 10854
Building Engineering Consultants, Inc., CA-2236-E
Burch, James L., PE 19405
Burnett, Joseph M., PE 23090 - March 2018
Burnett, Joseph M., PE 23090 - September 2019
Burns, John, Unlicensed
Caldwell, Rick, Unlicensed
Carpenter, James S., Unlicensed
Caton, Todd, PE 19539
Chakrabarti, Soumya, PE 30242
Clearspan Fabric Structures
Close, Norman E., PE 12977
Coalmont Electrical Development Corporation
Cochran, Don G., PE 19317
Commodore Steel Buildings - April 2015
Commodore Steel Buildings - June 2016
Conner, Alvin R., Unlicensed
Cook, Randy Scott, Unlicensed
Corlew, Marshall W., PE 11308 - June 1998
Corlew, Marshall W., PE 11308 - October 2013
Corlew, Marshall W., PE 11308 - June 2016
Cover, John E., PE 13324
Crabtree, Jeffrey A., PE 22614
Crenshaw, John F., PLS 29978
Crigler, John H., PE 13417 - July 2004
Crigler, John H., PE 13417 - February 2005
Crigler, John H., PE 13417 - July 2008
Dagley, Frank A., PE 9246
Daniel, Richard P., PE 26539
Direct Scaffold Services
Donan Engineering Inc., CA-3559-E
Dowdy, Jerry L., PLS 18979
Downey, Edward J., PE 28477
Dryden, Robert, Unlicensed
Duke, Russell W., PE 27813 - July 2016
Duke, Russell W., PE 27813 - November 2016
Dunbar, Larry K., PE 13396
Elder Consulting LLC
Emrick, Russell T., PE 21208
Engineering Group of the Southeast, CA-3118-E
Engineering Professionals Inc
Engineers Northwest Inc PS
Entech Engineering Inc, CA-2044-E
EPI, Uncertificated firm
Feng, Zhi Unlicensed
Fischer, Lawrence, PE 19088
Fowler, John A., PE 18615
Frazier, Timothy G., II, PE 28807
Freeland & Kaufman Inc
Fretwell, Phillip L., PLS 8113
Fuqua, David A., PE 16915
Garcia, Frank H., PE 19846
GHT Limited Inc
Gordy, William A. Sr., PE 21427
Green Builders and Construction
Green, Steve B., PLS 11843
Greene, Lee Y., Sr., PLS 10273
Greenway, Dudley L., PLS 18385 - March 2010
Greenway, Dudley L., PLS 18385 - December 2009
Hackett, Ronald D., PE 24508
Hakel, Ralph S., Unlicensed
Hall, Robert N., PE 13761
Harper Engineering, Uncertificated firm
Harvel, Derek L., PLS 18387
Henderson, Ronald W., PE 24552
Hernandez, Yuly, Exam Applicant
Hesterlee, David M., PE 26116
Hiller Fire Protection, Unlicensed
Hoffman, Stephen C., PE 16884
Hollon, Frederick A., PLS 15443
Holman, James A., PLS 17833
Holt, Kenneth E., PLS 24969
Hooper, Gerry, Unlicensed
Hopper, Clarence E., PLS 20637
Hunt, John F., PE 18784
Hutcherson, Jerry W., PE 18212
Industrial Tech Services
Jeffcoat, James H., PE 25747
Jeffcoat, O. Guthrie, PE 9587
Jenkins, Jay, Unlicensed
Joyce, James, PE 22248
Karolyi, James G., PE 11134
Kay, Mark Anderson, PE 31096 - June 2014
Kay, Mark Anderson, PE 31096 - October 2014
Key, K. Timothy, PLS 19521
Kimley Horn and Associates Inc
Kincer, Larry E., PE 22040
Kowalski, Joseph W., PE 29360
Kulash, Walter, Unlicensed
Lakeshore Engineering Services, Inc., Uncertificated firm
Latino, Paul, Unlicensed
Laurence, William H., PE 22748
Lee, Tom, Unlicensed
London, Thomas L., PLS 5340
Luebbers, Robert L., PE 35293
Lyon, Paul D., Unlicensed
Madani, Ahmad, Unlicensed
Martin, Gerald R., PLS 13191 - June 2012
Martin, Gerald R., PLS 13191 - October 2013
Martinez, Thomas, PE 21239
Maslan, Stephen P., PE 16272
Matthews, William B., PE 20275
Maxwell, J. Keith, PLS 17262
Maxwell, Johnny E., PLS 21174
McCord, Glen A., PLS 20694 - January 2012
McCord, Glen A., PLS 20694 - June 2015
McCoy, Blue K., Exam Applicant
McCoy, Richard W., PE 14026
McCraney, Keith H., PLS 18360
McFarren, David E., PE 23491
Michael Quinn & Associates PC
Mid-South Products Engineering Inc., Uncertificated firm
Miller, Lucinda, Unlicensed
Mitchell, James, Unlicensed
MLC CAD Systems, Uncertificated firm
Moates, Michael G., PLS 19262
Moore, English P., Unlicensed
MSI Engineers
Nangia, Chander P., PE 11008
Nelson, Dennis S., PE 15936
Northcutt, Maurice Unlicensed
Oliver, Steven A., Unlicensed
Palumbo, Christopher A., PE 14595
Panethiere, Michael A., PE 27364
Parker, Christopher B., PLS 26281
Parkes, James W., PE 23782
Parsons Infrastructure & Technology, Inc., CA-1755-E
Partner Engineering & Science Inc
Payne, Jonathan C., PE 28317
Peacock, John C., PLS 9427
Phillips, Marcus D., PLS 24334 - July 2009
Phillips, Marcus D., PLS 24334 - December 2009
Pierce, Curtis T., PLS 16175
Powell, Johnathan C., PE 27084
Price, Brandon, Unlicensed
Pridgen, Harold, PE 9309
Process Air Designs Inc
Professional Service Industries Inc, CA 1204
Pugh, Michael L. Jr., PE 29258
Quin-Co Metal Buildings & Components Inc
Quinonez, Fabricio R., PE 25916
R & B Metal Structures Inc
Rainey, William R., EI 15090
Ralph, William D., PE 16517
Redwine, Nathan, Unlicensed
Reid Steel Truss Inc
Rhudy, John R., PE 18047
Rice, Richard A., Unlicensed
Richardson, Randy W., PLS 15153 - March 2009
Richardson, Randy W., PLS 15153 - March 2010
Rhudy, John R., PE 18047
Robinson, Charles B., PE 9761
Rogers, Richard, Unlicensed
Ross, Joseph A., PE 23058
Russell, Rueben D., Unlicensed
SBI Engineers PLLC
Schenck, Ralph R., PE 33343
Schumer, Victor G., PLS 18393
Scott, Constance H., PE 20872
Shao, Yong, PE 31143
Shiflett, Rodney Y., PLS 21784
Smith, Daniel Bruce, PE 35871
Smith, Gary R., PLS 13199
Smith, Rodney R., PE 16776
Solitro, Michael, PLS 32129
Southern Corrosion Inc
Spencer, Jay E., PE 21270
Stanley, Algernon, PE 24474
Stricklin, Jeffrey H., PE 16480
Systems By Design
T.E. Inc, Unlicensed
Tacon, Terry S., PLS 13653
Talebi, Akbar, PE 23415
Tate, Beau J., Unlicensed
Tennill, Dana D., PE 18585
Tetrad Engineering LLC
The Roberts Group PSC
Theophilus, Darrell L., Unlicensed
Thomas, David L., Unlicensed
Thomas, Jonnie L., PE 31329
Tomme, Michael, Unlicensed
Traywick, James C., PE 4937
Tucker, William L., PE 38938
Unger, Robert A., PE 15347
Varnon, W. M. PLS 9324 - March 2016
Varnon, W. M. PLS 9324 - February 2017
Varnon, W. M. PLS 9324 - May 2018
Walker, Horace W., PLS 19528
Wallace, Lionel A., PE 20488
Walsh, Keith O., PE 11174
Walz, Robert, PE 24958
Wang, Guigen, PE 25637 - November 2018
Wang, Guigen, PE 25637 - July 2019
Warner Architectural Associates Inc
Warren, James A., PLS 18984
Watts, Robert L., PE 13915
White Engineering LLC
Whitmire, David R., PE 17479
Wijeratne, Don R., PE 25467
Williams, M. Don, PE 11886 - May 2010
Williams, M. Don, PE 11886 - January 2013
Williams, M. Don, PE 11886 - July 2013
Woods, David D., PLS 24031
Woods and Associates Fabrication Company
Woods Engineering and Consultants LLC
YESAC Alabama Corporation
Young, Benjamin A., PE 19737
Zander, Laurence H., PLS 25647